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No guesswork required

No guesswork required

When you think of someone providing an estimation, it brings to mind a rough scribble on the back of an envelope, but in fact it is much more complicated than that. An estimate is just that, an estimation of the cost of a particular project based on experience and information given by the customer.

However, when it comes to providing a structural steel fabrication cost estimation, we can assure you that there is definitely no guesswork involved.

Providing an estimation for the manufacture and delivering of structural steel for a construction product will consider a number of factors such as function, building type, building height, form, site conditions, complexity of the design, location, logistics and access for delivery, health and safety implications, as well as raw material prices and manufacturing costs.

How To Estimate Structural Steel Fabrication

Before any building work has taken place or footings have been dug, it is advisable to meet structural steel engineers on site to discuss plans and give help to find solutions to any problem that may have arisen with the build. Their knowledge is invaluable to ensure that your structural steel is right for the project and for the load it will carry.

Once all of this information is to hand, it is possible to provide a structural steel fabrication cost estimation that is much more informed and will likely to be extremely close to the final cost. This means that it is easier for you to plan your project and control your budget.

Remember however, the price of structural steel is subject to fluctuations in the raw material prices, so once an estimation has been received, if there is a sudden increase in the cost of steel then the price of your job is more than likely to go up.

To speak to one of our team about obtaining an estimation for structural steel for your project, why not contact us today.

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