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Structural Steelwork

Structural Steelwork

When it comes to delivering structural steelwork projects, Synergy Steel is the name you can trust. Synergy Steel has a wealth of knowledge and expertise of the market, and has the necessary equipment to assist with all parts of the process.

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We know that being early on the critical path, timely delivery of structural steelwork is imperative for the success of many construction projects. Experience is often the key to ensure that the project benefits from four key performance indicators;




At Synergy, the team understands the need to drive the project in terms of the design and detailing of the steelwork, starting with the key element of fabrication drawings.  Without these, steelwork simply cannot be fabricated.  The way to kick start this vital element is for the steelwork contractor to identify missing information from the outset. It is then necessary to effectively manage the flow of information, ensuring downtime and delay is kept to a minimum.

When providing an estimate for the structural steelwork, the Synergy team invests huge time and effort, into ensuring that clients have a complete price covering all foreseeable eventualities. Whilst our price may not always appear to be the cheapest, it is often the most cost effective in the long run.  We closely monitor and carefully consider the risks that could unfold, which contributes towards determining our pricing strategy. Our offer letter will be detailed in its description of what is included and what is not. In short, when placing an order with Synergy our clients are confident that things will only change, if there are bona fide recoverable variations.

Structural Steel

We understand the importance to all members of the project team for the site based operatives to return home safely each day. The production of RAMS is not just a paperwork exercise; good RAMS and effective management of their intent ensure that no corners are ever cut and that safety on site is never compromised. The team at Synergy prides itself on a proactive approach to all aspects of Health & Safety with the directors having never presided over a breach of health and safety legislation or a time lost accident in over thirty years at the “coalface”.

Using the latest CNC equipment and technology, Synergy produces quality guaranteed structural steelwork to precise requirements. CE certification to execution class 2 ensures that quality is consistently delivered and always assured, with full traceability to the exacting standards required by the modern construction industry.

As well as working on high volume projects, we also have the capabilities to do one off and small secondary projects. Synergy manufactures and delivers to locations all over the world. We could be the missing link in your supply chain. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

If you would like to find out more about Synergy Steel Structures, please browse through our website to see our full steelwork solutions in detail, and past projects where we  are proud to have been involved.

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