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Synergy your trusted structural steel contractor

Synergy your trusted structural steel contractor

Finding a reliable structural steel contractor is crucial to the success of any construction project.

Whether you’re building a new housing development or a skyscraper, using high-quality steel and the right skilled engineers can determine the success of your project.

To ensure that your needs are met right from the beginning, we complete a comprehensive estimate which allows our clients to see a detailed price, covering all conceivable eventualities.

When it comes to supplying a quality structural steel service our teams can deliver across a range of areas including:

  • Timely delivery
  • Cost certain delivery
  • Safe delivery
  • Quality product

At Synergy we only use high quality steel which is CE certified to execution class 2. This means that we can guarantee that the consistent quality of the structural steel and ensure that it will be delivered, with full traceability to the exacting standards required by the modern construction industry.

Time is precious to our clients, and to guarantee that we can accommodate even the tightest of deadlines, we can work around the clock to produce the structural steelwork and have it delivered safely and on time.

But we don’t just stop there; we can accommodate large scale projects as well as one-off orders, no matter where you are located around the world.

To see some of our completed projects click here or for more information visit our Structural Steelwork page.

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