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A Structural Steelwork contractor – Providing the whole package

A Structural Steelwork contractor – Providing the whole package

In simple terms, the definition of Synergy is ‘the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts’. Here at Synergy Steel, we work closely with our customers to be the best Structural Steelwork Contractor to create high quality structural steelwork for prestige commercial and industrial buildings across the world.

If undertaking a large building project, it is vital that when selecting your suppliers you can rely on them to provide high quality steelwork that is made to meet the safety and performance requirements of the Construction Products Directive 2013, and have the necessary skill and expertise to give you help and guidance along the way. Here we look at how a steelwork contractor, like Synergy Steel, delivers on all of those requirements.

Site visit

As soon as the construction project has got the go ahead, we can meet you and your architect on site to discuss all requirements. At this stage we can give you help and advice on the build design to ensure that your structural steel work is perfectly engineered to meet the exact specifications of your design.

High quality steelwork

A structural steelwork contractor who manufactures products destined for the construction industry must comply with the Construction Products Directive 2013 and are also required to have CE marking. Therefore, any structural steel frames are required to be manufactured following this Directive. Our manufacturing group facility has CE marking approval to execution class 2 for the manufacture of structural steel fabrications. We guarantee that all of our products are manufactured to conform to all safety and performance requirements set out in the Directive.

Comprehensive service

From design to installation and everything else in between, we have the skill and expertise to undertake the complete steelwork process for you. Once manufactured, our skilled installation team can even help with on-site assembly. We will handle every aspect of installation, from ensuring the right equipment and personnel are on site to adhering to all site health and safety requirements.

Synergy Steel are one of the leading steelwork contractors in the UK, with successful projects in London, the UK, Europe, and beyond. We work closely with our customers to ensure that the projects are delivered on time and within budget.

If you are look for a structural steelwork contractor for your project, why not call us today on 01245 392155 to discuss your project’s requirements and for a no-obligation quote.



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